2023 Macquarie Uni CU MYC

Registrations closed

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Christian Union’s annual MYC is here! This week is a wonderful opportunity to dive into God’s word, make new friends and create awesome memories. This year, we are looking at THE RESURRECTION:


The belief in the resurrection is one of the core tenets of Christianity. But people often have questions about its certainty and relevance. Did Jesus really rise from the dead? If so, why? Where do people go after they die? Will life after death be any different from how it is now? How can I be sure?

But this future hope isn’t just reserved for when we think about death. It immediately changes the way we think about God, ourselves and the world. But how?

Join us for five days’ worth of understanding this massive topic from the Bible about RESURRECTION.

When: Monday 17 July - Friday 21 July

Where: 8 Crusader Road, Galston NSW 2159

Early Bird: $415
Early Bird + First Timer: $395
Standard Rego: $425
Standard Rego + First Timer: $405
Late Rego: $440

Rego Close:
Early Bird Friday 26 May 4pm
Standard Monday 19 June 9am
Late Monday 26 June 9am

Full-time attendance is the way to get the most out of MYC. However if there is a good reason, you can register for part-time attendance here: https://events.afes.org.au/events/2023-macquarie-uni-cu-myc-part-time-rego-page 

The last thing we want is for finances to stop you from coming to MYC – so you can request a subsidy. Head to this link to find out how: http://tiny.cc/mycsubsidy